Spianata&Co® adds real Roman Coffee to Menu

It took some time to craft the perfect Spianata® sandwich - Rome’s most popular lunchtime choice - to the taste of hungry and choosy Londoners. Now Spianata®, an essential part of Roman life, is a hit in the City and in Mayfair with its six shops.

Along with all the goodies is now Spianata 80/20, a bespoke coffee blend which delivers the perfect Roman taste. Hand roasted, the blend is 80% high quality Arabica, with its smooth, fine aroma and taste, and 20% Robusta, to give the ‘crema’ on top of the coffee and deliver a ‘kick’ on the palate. This Roman-style coffee is served in a glass cup when drank on site, with a small glass of water on the side. It sells at £1.45 for a single espresso and at £1.75 for a double. The blend is also used for cappuccino, which comes as the shorter Roman cappuccino at £2.10 and as a standard 12 oz at £2.20. Packs of the Spianata® 80/20 blend are also on sale from the shops at £5.75. www.spianata.com

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