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Toast, especially hot buttered, is one of our all-time favourite comfort foods. Raquel Pelzel’s book hasn’t made us change our mind – but she has made us think again about this satisfying, homely feast.


Rich food is fine, a great treat; but we also enjoy tasty, healthy dishes that are well-balanced and satisfying – without that guilty feeling from over-indulging.

There is no calorie counting in Jo Pratt’s clever ‘In the Mood for Healthy Food’ but it does offer a wide range of dishes for breakfast and brunch, light meals, main meals, and – for those for whom no meal is complete without a dessert – ‘something sweet’ recipes too.


A friend cooked a delicious pork chop casserole for us recently – pork chops with fennel and cider.

Thumbing through The Hairy Bikers’ Meat Feasts I came across a recipe for pork chops with fennel and lemon. Straightforward to prepare it looks terrific and one we will most definitely be making.


It is great to see that sherry is coming back into vogue as a drink; for some of us however, it never went out of fashion – from very dry to sweet there is one for every palate, a perfect accompaniment to tapas, and indeed for every course in a meal.


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