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This terrific Marco Polo guide to Madeira is also entitled ‘Perfect Days in…Madeira’; and that just about sums it up. Crammed with lots of useful information, with maps and charming photography, the book has been designed to ensure that visitors will indeed enjoy perfect days on the beautiful island of flowers with its forests and dramatic scenery.


Madeira the wine has been produced for centuries, a favourite of both the new and old worlds. But in its early days the wine was apt to spoil during long sea crossings. Then it was realised that by fortifying it and its exposure to the heat of ships’ holds on long crossings, not only was the flavour improved but the wine kept better too.


Reading David Fletcher’s book Marmite, Bites and Noisy Nights does, from time to time, make you feel sorry for his wife Sandra. David, who has a keen eye for travel details and for the foibles of fellow travellers, also, it appears, has an uncontrollable desire to offer his opinions on any subject that comes to mind, often at inappropriate moment, much to Sandra’s disapproval.


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