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For the flavours of Malaysian cuisine check out the product range from Malay Taste. We tried Kicap Manis, a syrupy soy sauce – an essential ingredient in Malaysian cuisine - and loved it. The sweet and savoury flavour added a real zing to a rather bland stir fry. It can be used as a condiment, seasoning or marinade. And it's free from artificial nasties. Whether you use chicken or beef why not give this recipe a try?

Joining the delicious Old English Potted Crab, Potted Crab with Chili and Potted Smoked Mackerel the Potted Fish Co has now introduced Prawn Cakes with Lemon & Spring Onion and Devon Crab Cakes with Ginger & Coriander to the range.

The fishcakes fillings of double cream mashed potatoes fish and seasonings are encased in a bread crumb coating which when removed from a hot oven after 20 minutes makes for soft interiors encased in a crispy coating. Cost in region of £3-£3.50 for two fishcakes.


Aaron Craze, one of Jamie Oliver's Fifteen protégés, takes on home grown food heroes from around the world in Taste Off, a Discovery Real Time production Fridays 9.30pm.

The TV show, part part-travelogue and part competitive culinary show, features British chef, restaurateur and author Aaron Craze, as he takes on homegrown food heroes around the world.  From Rio de Janeiro to Sydney, Aaron's on a gastronomic journey to beat the best local chefs at their own game.

Aaron seeks out the best local chefs and the best dishes before challenging one of them to a taste off competition in which he takes a dish and tweaks it into what he considers a tastier combination. The judges? It is left to the local people to decide which dish tastes best.


We've signed up for a year's supply of Kopi coffee.

The aroma and flavour of the August bag of Sumatra Aged Mandheling Grade 1 coffee had us in an advanced stage of addiction after just two cups.

Every month Kopi send out a different single-origin, ethically sourced coffee from around the world, along with tasting notes and brewing tips. Choose from beans or ground.

We will be watching the post to see what coffee the September delivery brings. We can hardly wait! Absolutely delicious.

A couple of interesting coffee facts:

  • Coffee is best enjoyed 10 - 14 days after being roasted - most coffee on supermarket shelves is months old!
  • The majority of people think they should keep their fresh coffee in the fridge once they have opened the bag. This is probably the worst place to store fresh coffee - a dry, cool place is best.

Love the flavours of the Caribbean and want to recreate them at home? Then check out Grace Foods UK.

They have a range of products for tasty Caribbean dishes such as jerk chicken, callaloo or ackee and salt fish; as well as Caribbean treats like coconut water, guava jelly and the popular Excelsior water crackers and cheese krunchies.

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