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We've tried beef jerky in the past and not been particularly smitten, until now! Mariani beef jerky made from free-roaming grass-fed beef is soft.

The company uses specially selected cuts of premium quality Australian beef which is then hand cut to the desired thickness before it is marinated in spices. Apart from being soft it has a really tasty, tangy flavour. It's low in fat and calories so we are now keeping a packet or two in the car or in travel bags for those times when we need a little something! Retailers include service stations and Tesco RRP £1.99.

In our last edition of At the Pass feature we highlighted African Volcano, a premium peri peri sauce and marinade made by South African chef Grant Hawthorne.

The Foody Traveller is delighted to announce that within just four months of launching African Volcano both the marinade and sauce were both awarded gold in the 2012/13 Great Taste Awards run by the Great Britain Guild of Fine Food.

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