meat and shake

We have a friend who lives in Ealing, who also likes burgers. We arranged to meet for lunch at one of the new comers to the Ealing Broadway foody scene, Meat and Shake where burgers feature large but not exclusively on the menu.

The restaurant had opened a month before our visit, so maybe it was just having teething trouble.

It was not the most auspicious restaurant entrance, music blared out onto the street. But not deterred we persevered. Inside we found a restaurant with a vintage industrial style of décor, not to our taste, but...

The waitresses were lovely - kind and helpful - and when we asked if the music, which was actually rather good, could be turned down a notch or two, they quickly and smilingly obliged.

sliderThey were however, somewhat embarrassed at having to tell us that two of the main dishes were off.

In addition, there was no non-alcoholic cider and some of the soft drinks were not available (no licence), and that although on the menu they didn’t have any mocktails.

The burgers were ok – but friend did not rave. We asked for dessert – desserts were off, but we could have doughnuts. We asked for coffee – no coffee.

I paid a visit to the gleaming, clean ladies toilet adorned with fresh flowers. Nice touch. But we went down the road for coffee and dessert.

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