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Having spotted a rather elegant restaurant, with a very elegant cocktail bar, and at this stage in the holiday being very content to drink our way through cocktail menus we ventured in! Owner and indeed sommelier Patrice Fortin was behind the bar mixing something delicious for a couple of diners, but soon turned his attention to our requests.


We were tired after a long, but wonderful coach journey through the Rockies. And hungry too. An early supper was needed, and comfort food was what we had in mind. Wandering down Patricia Street we spotted Famoso – a pizzeria. Perfect! We headed up the stairs into a smallish restaurant with a big pizza oven at one end.


A lovely restaurant with patio garden where you can eat when the weather permits which, in the summer, is most of the time. The food is very Spanish but delicately and superbly cooked. Average price of starters €9, Main courses € 17. Everything about this restaurant is excellent, the ambience, the service and the food. Even the tortoise which lives in the garden is very friendly. M.A.

Asador Tierra Aranda, Concepcion 4, off James 111, Palma, Majorca. Tel: 971714256

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