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It’s Limburg for Coffee, Wine, Honey and Cherry Vlaai

For years Anna Hyman had known that Maastricht and Limburg in the Netherlands were renowned for food and culinary flair – as well as being famous amongst other things for…

Cheers to Beer

In spite of all her protests friends of Anna Hyman still maintain that her visit to the Nord-Pas- de -Calais region of France to learn more about brewing was actually…

Cruising to wine, chocolate and beer

A river cruise is the perfect way to relax as Anna Hyman discovered. What’s not to like -cruising along beautiful rivers at a gentle pace, mooring at quaint riverside wine…

Discovering Charleston

It was April and Charleston, South Carolina was bathed in warm sunshine – perfect weather for exploring. Anna Hyman set forth to find out what this historic, enchanting city had…

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Podberry Crunchy Pea Snacks

Upton’s Naturals – Jackfruit

Magija Chocolate Dessert Bar

Niederegger Marzipan

A Bustronomic taste of London

At the Pass

Interesting places to eat or stay

Baraka Restaurant, London EC2

The Capital Hotel Restaurant, London SW1

Northbank, London EC4

Pomona’s Restaurant and Bar, London W2

Page Turners

Great books to enjoy – recipes, anthologies, history, travel
How to Raise a Loaf – and fall in in love with sourdough
Saga Land
Menus That Made History
Theodore Sorensen and the Kennedys – A Life of Public Service
Fakeaway – Fast Food Made Healthy
The Brisket Chronicles
Italian Food
Secrets of Great Second Meals
Create Beautiful Food at Home
Decorating with Plants – What to choose, ways to style and how to make them thrive.
The Chinese Wine Renaissance

Cultural News

Iconic sites, museums and places to visit

Wine Days Out in Victoria, Australia

Tutankhamun: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh

Cheese to please

Potsdam Christmas Markets