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Geneva, Chocolate and a Choco Pass

It would be fun to be in Geneva to celebrate World Chocolate Day on 7 July!

Stop awhile in Geneva, it is a delightful city with much to offer visitors. To add to its charm, it is also renowned for its chocolate and superb chocolatiers!  

Geneva – Lots to see and do

The city makes a good base from which to explore part of the famous crescent shaped Lake Geneva (also known as Lac Léman). Admire the iconic 140’ tall lake fountain (Jet d’Eau) and views of Mount Blanc, the Alps and the Jura.

Stroll along its elegant esplanade – don’t miss the Horloge Fleurie. Or if you have had enough of walking relax on a lake cruise on one of its historic paddle steamers.

Head for the charming Old Town and visit the cathedral; take a guided tour and learn more about the city’s history and its involvement with the growth of Protestantism and John Calvin; and Geneva is also home to the headquarters of the International Red Cross.

The city boasts a glorious botanical park and some excellent museums and superb restaurants, to say nothing of stylish shops – if the bank balance will stand it think elegant Swiss watches.

Chocolate and the Choco Pass

It would be fun to be in Geneva to celebrate World Chocolate Day on 7 July, but whenever you go make sure you leave enough time and energy to track down and enjoy its delicious chocolate. 

The city is renowned for its chocolate – let’s face it, Swiss milk chocolate with its smooth, creamy texture and taste is legendary – it took years to perfect the art – but it was certainly worth it.

Learn more about its history, how it is made and also sample it on a guided chocolate tour.

A Choco Pass

Or do your own thing, and with the help of Geneva’s special Choco Pass visit as many of the participating artisan chocolatiers as you can manage in a 24-hour period, they all have their own specialities and offer tasting plates. A Choco Pass is a great way of experiencing the chocolatey side of the city.

To be honest I am not usually very keen on milk chocolate – but the smooth creamy chocolate from Geneva is in a league of its own – it’s utterly delicious and has to be sampled. Heaven.

More information

The Geneva Tourism Choco Pass costs GBP £25 per adult, and less than GBP £5 per child.  For more information contact Geneva Tourism: