La Matelote, 40 years of savoir-faire

Established in 1979, the restaurant La Matelote is today very much part of Boulogne’s identity.

It has held a Michelin star for 38 years. The secret of the restaurant’s success, apart from the stunning cooking and presentation of the dishes, is that Chef Tony Lestienne, who has been working in the kitchens since its conception, has now been joined by his son Stellio.

The restaurant lies close to Boulogne’s centre and the greatest fishing port in France, and therefore has access to the freshest of sea food – and Chef excels in the art of preparing fish.

One of the restaurant’s classic and most popular dishes, and one that simply must be sampled, is the warm lobster salad.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary La Matelote has a new look and some of its most celebrated recipes from the past four decades will feature on the menu.

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