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TAP Portugal launches commemorative retro aircraft

TAP Portugal is celebrating 72 years of service by launching a new aircraft complete with a ‘retro’ makeover in tribute to the history of Portugal. The new ‘retro’ aircraft, an Airbus A330-300, named ‘Portugal’ took to the skies on 26 June 2017.

The livery of the new ‘Portugal’ aircraft is part of a series of campaigns by the airline to celebrate the historical connection between TAP, Portugal and its people.

A classic image

The classic image chosen for this ‘retro’ aircraft, the most emblematic historical corporate identity of the airline, was first displayed on a Lockheed Super Constellation aircraft in 1955.

The aircraft is one of three Airbus A330-300’s being added to TAP’s fleet this summer, contributing to the capacity expansion of the airline as a result of new routes including the inauguration of the Toronto service on 10 June.

TAP routes

TAP celebrated 70 years on 14 March, 2015, and completed its privatization process in 2015, with the Atlantic Gateway Group being its main shareholder. The aircraft will operate long haul commercial flights to North and South America as well as Africa.

TAP is the leading airline to Portugal from the UK, flying to numerous destinations within Europe and beyond. In operation since 1945, TAP’s hub in Lisbon is a key European gateway

at the crossroads of Africa, North, Central and South America, where TAP stands out as the international leading carrier with 67 weekly flights to Brazil.

For more on the TAP story and the first historic flight to Brazil, see:

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