A Postcard From...

A Postcard From… Turkey

The developer who built our house said “my idea, to plant a vegetable garden”. My idea is not to plant a vegetable garden as the produce is readily available and fresh from the Sarilar market, near Manavgat. You have never seen so much fruit and veg in your life and it was all picked fresh either that day or the day previous so you can’t get fresher than that, can you?

Some of the produce is obviously seasonal and there are some veg that you cannot get i.e. parsnips and swede. And we can get, for instance, celeriac but not celery. Artichokes are in season at present so we are going to try those soon. Fruit like oranges, lemons and pomegranates grow on trees on the side of the road so you just go and pick them and the lemons are huge. I have never seen them so big. I got about a quarter of a pint of juice from one lemon, that’s how big they are.

Also, things like radishes are enormous, and because they don’t have issues out here about size, shape, colour, etc., it’s great. You only need to buy one radish for your salad and that will last a whole week!!! Val.

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