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Azores, San Miguel

The Green Island of San Miguel plays host to ‘10 Fest Azores’ 19-28 June, one of the largest and most important food festivals in Portugal.

Especially for 10 Fest Azores acclaimed and Michelin Star chefs from England, Spain, Portugal, France, Denmark, America and Canada will create their interpretations of modern Azorean cuisine.

Each international chef will head up a team of chefs from the Azorean School of Tourism & Hospitality Training for a night, as they compete to offer approximately 70 guests (each night) the best Azorean-influenced menu. The festival will also feature international barmen, winemakers and sommeliers.

Azorean cuisine is typified by local seafood dishes including squid, clams, tuna, swordfish, limpets and crabs, as well as local beef and meat dishes. These include ‘Cozido das Furnas’, a traditional stew containing local sausage, beef and a variety of vegetables which are cooked underground by the heat of a volcano in the village of Furnas. Each region also produces its own local cheese, which is often taken as an appetiser served with Azorean sweet bread. Local produce includes pineapples, bananas, guavas and passion fruits, teas, liquors, plus red wine and white wine grown on Pico Mountain. Visit and

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