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Bird Watching in the Algarve

This autumn sees the return of the Algarve’s Bird Watching Festival, a must-visit for nature enthusiasts. From 30 September – 5 October, the Algarve will be welcoming bird watchers from all over Europe to celebrate the beauty of bird migration and the region’s fantastic nature activities.

Suitable for all ages, the annual celebration will take place in picturesque Sagres (Vila do Bispo), in the south-western tip of Europe. The highlight of the festival is the fantastic pelagic trips to see the marine birds take flight, field trips to observe rare species, guided tours and dolphin watching, suitable for all levels of nature lovers.

Many more bird watching opportunities

Should you not be able to attend the Festival there are still many opportunities for bird watching. Until November the Algarve becomes a major migratory corridor for a range of species, with opportunities to observe eagles, storks, vultures, hawks and falcons, as well as some rarer birds. The south-western corner of Europe is the perfect spot to see fantastic flocks of migratory birds, with thousands of gannets and hundreds of Balearic Shearwaters taking to the skies and making their way south for the winter.

The surrounding area of Sagres is truly spectacular and its biological heritage is unique within Europe, making it the perfect spot for the wonderful event. There is a great variety of habitats, from impressive cliffs and coastal farmlands to woodlands and sand dunes, and let’s not forget the majestic Atlantic Ocean.

This diverse landscape supports hundreds of species of fauna and flora s which in turn encourages a unique ecosystem and animal species. While eyes may be on the sky guests will find there’s also the area’s nature, culture and gastronomy to be enjoyed as well.

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