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Book Review – Marco Polo: more Insider Tips Guides

Madeira and Porto Santo

The handy sized Marco Polo guide to Madeira and Porto Santo travelled with us on our recent visit to Madeira. Whilst we did have our own guide for two days who took us to parts of the island that might have been difficult to reach, our Marco Polo guide came into its own as we set out to discover the delights of Funchal and its suburbs. It never ceased to amaze us how much information had been packed into its slender 140 pages – maps, facts, advice – it’s all there interspersed with some very good photography. A terrific guide book for just £5.99. ISBN 978-3-8297-0669-8.

Costa del Sol and Granada

Learn about Málaga’s stunning Picasso Museum, the best places to see flamenco in Granada, and, unless that is what you want, that it is better not to enter somewhere that calls itself simply a ‘club’ – it’s probably a brothel. Discover where the best beaches are and what to bring back home as a souvenir – it’s all in the guide. Fantastic value at £5.99. ISBN 978-3-8297-0712-1.


Fabulous beaches, Jerusalem with its 3000 years of history, sacred religious sites: Israel a small country, about the same size of Wales so often dogged by conflict but so worth a visit. £5.99. ISBN: 9783829707053.

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