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Grenada – On The Menu

If the breeze is in the right direction the perfume of spices carries on the air. Hardly surprising therefore that spices play a major role in the composition of Grenada’s dishes: the chefs and cooks take great pride in trying to achieve that perfect harmony and balance of flavours.

Whilst not necessarily unique to Grenada there are several dishes that are considered specialities and frequently appear on a menu, their ingredients including the likes of seafood (especially crabs and conchs, ie lambi, and salted cod), plus chicken, pork and goat and callaloo. Rice and peas are frequent accompaniments along with breadfruit, dasheen and yams and hot pepper sauces. There is a fabulous choice of fresh fruit and don’t even think about leaving Grenada without sampling the nutmeg ice cream. However there is one dish that is special to the island – Oil down.

Oil down

The national dish of Grenada, a hearty one pot stew often made from salted meat or fish, breadfruit, onion, celery, carrot, and dasheen all slowly simmered in coconut milk until the liquid is absorbed and only its oil remains. Recipes differ, some use chicken instead of salted meat and some mention dumplings. It is often cooked in a large pot known as a karhee, or curry pot.


A green, leafy vegetable, sometimes served as a soup or fritters.

Black Pudding

Sausage that may include pigs’ blood, thyme and Scotch bonnet peppers.


A popular vegetable in Grenada with a slightly nutty flavour.


Also recognised as taro, a starchy tuber that is usually served boiled or cut up and eaten like a potato or as a thickener in hearty soups. In its raw state it is poisonous. The plant’s leaves are also used.

Guava cheese

Not a cheese in the conventional sense – but a sweet paste ‘cheese’ or candy made from sugar and the pulp of guava fruit.


Grenadian word for a conch – a type of shellfish. They can be served in a number of different ways.


Possum – you have been warned – said to taste like chicken.

Pepper Pot

Several different kinds of meat, beef, oxtail, pork depending on what is available, cooked with pepper, garlic, onions chive and thyme.


A flatbread wrap filled with the likes of curried beef, seafood, chicken or vegetables

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