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Snowflake Gelato, London

Snowflake Luxury Gelato’s handmade, artisan gelato and sorbetto was awarded eight gold stars by the judges of Great Taste 2013 – its strawberry sorbetto alone received three of them.

There are two of their gelato parlours in London, one in Westbourne Grove, the other, which we visited, in Soho’s Wardour Street.

First impressions were good – a bright, fresh looking parlour with funky round stools in in vibrant shades of lilac and pink pulled up to tables. On the other side of the tables a long white banquette hugging the wall. The other side of the parlour the gelato counter itself with its array of creamy, colourful treats; behind the counter that day – Aurora and Camilla.


We found an empty table and sat down to examine the lengthy menu. Even though it was a cool mid-April day there was a steady stream of office workers and tourists coming in for an early afternoon gelato fix, either to take away or to eat in. It was apparent from the menu that it was going to be a difficult choice: may be a Snowdrift, or a Snowfruit , a Split or Knickerbocker Glory, to say nothing of a waffle or crepe, or indeed just scoops of some of the 50 different gelato and sorbetto on offer – new taste thrills are constantly being developed.

Not having had lunch we were a bit peckish and it was Aurora who came up with the idea of instead of a crepe or waffle, as it was Easter, why not try their seasonal speciality of a hot cross bun gelato. The combination of a quality, mildly-spiced, toasted hot cross bun with the cold, vanilla gelato was just heavenly. And of course because it is gelato and not ice cream, they are made slightly differently, it held its texture for longer and didn’t just melt away with the heat. We also tried a sample of some of the regular flavours and they too had us nearly licking the plate so as not to leave the merest drop.

Snowflake Waffle

We also couldn’t help noticing how helpful the two girls were when customers came in, taking great pains to ensure that they enjoyed the Snowflake experience, and how scrupulously clean they kept the parlour. We are most definitely Snowflake fans.

Snowflake Pomegranate guilt-free sorbetto

Snowflake Gelato: 43 Westbourne Grove and 102 Wardour Street.

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