The Lazy Hostess by Babe Scott

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The Lazy Hostess, subtitled ‘How to entertain and feed your freeloading friends without breaking the bank and barely lifting a finger’, is fun.

The book is written by Babe Scott – a self-confessed lady who is on ‘a mission to put the flirt back into finger food’. And she does. Babe’s aim is to give us the confidence to head out into the kitchen and throw a fab party without spending hours toiling in the kitchen and having a nervous breakdown in the act.

She offers advice on what to wear – even down to the shoes, kitchen organising, how to make a cocktail. how to throw a cocktail party and party planning – quite a few of Babe’s suggestions include involving friends and delegating tasks to them. Brilliant idea.

This is followed by a number of cocktail recipes with quantities for one, or for a ‘party pitcher’. Babe then turns her attention to menu planning. This includes dips made from leftover soup packets and vegetables (she is a great one for using leftovers) and a number of delicious sounding nibbles and canapés – dried apricots stuffed with Stilton, toppings for crostinis, sliders, mini-crab cakes, stuffed mini-potatoes, etc.

Babe is not adverse to cheating and buying in finger food from a supermarket. All she requests is that you throw away the empty packaging prior to guests arriving.

A fun book, but with seriously good ideas. Thanks Babe!

The Lazy Hostess. Babe Scott. ISBN: 978-0-593-07264-6. Bantam Press. £12.99.

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