What’s next for food?

The world of cuisine is in a constant state of flux and given that ever more avid foodies are demanding responses to their new cravings, SPN’s Xavier Agulló predicts the hottest food trends for 2016 and provides a few pointers as to what’s coming next…

Mexican food

Peru is on its way out and the incoming gastronomic nation is Mexico. Its defining dish, ceviche, is already standard in some restaurants and now it’s time for more of the delicious and vast cuisine of Mexico to provide colour on our plates with typical dishes from all their regions and states; from Puebla and Yucatan to Michoacan, Sinaloa and Chiapas.

Mexicans in Small green peppers roast on flames on a grill copyright Kelly Van Dellen

Mexican cuisine is, without a doubt, one of the tastiest on the planet. Goodbye ghastly, low-grade Tex-Mex; hello authentic Mexican. It’s no coincidence that the World’s 50 Best America list has moved from Lima to Mexico City.


Veggie Homemade Cooked Sweet Potato with Onions and Herbs copyright Brent Hofacker

Why not? Vegetables can be a surprising font of culinary creativity. Vegetarian offerings are appearing frequently, created from a working palette of imagination and sensitivity. Earlier this year, world renowned chef, José Andrés, unveiled his new, vegetable-focused restaurant in Washington, America, and Xavi Pellicer’s new restaurant, Celeri, in Barcelona, offers healthy dishes made with about eight seasonal vegetables.

‘Finger food’and high-end informal cooking

It’s not new, but this casual way of dining is showing no signs of flagging. What’s more, fine linens and very precise table settings are no longer necessary because haute cuisine has become informal. What matters is what’s on the plate rather than how it’s presented.

Raw food and fermented food

Asia (together with other continents) has a long tradition of raw food. With salsas and dishes of all shapes and sizes gracing plates the world over, raw food rocks. As for fermented food, it’s not just Korean kimchi… Fermented food – in the form of varied concoctions with complex flavours – is arriving by the sack-load in contemporary cuisine, thanks to an increased desire for extra healthy food.

Craft beer

Cold Craft Beer copyright MaxyM

This is already more than a trend. It’s ever more difficult – and I’m talking about in the world in general – to find a ‘commercial’ beer.

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