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Wild and Game Sausages

In spite of some wild and wet weather this year we are still hoping to enjoy some al fresco meals, including barbeques.

Waiting in our freezer in readiness are some sausages: and rather special sausages at that; game sausages – namely Pheasant and Pear and Grouse and Wild Boar.

Great for a bbq or the stove

Admittedly our bbq is still tucked away but we couldn’t resist the temptation of cooking and trying them for supper – after all Wild and Game didn’t make them solely for use on barbeques.

They are great – one evening we cooked them on top of the stove in a frying pan, another evening we popped them into the oven and baked them along with courgettes and cherry tomatoes.

Meaty and full of flavour

The sausages are wonderfully meaty – they are made from 80% meat. The Grouse and Wild Boar sausages had a distinctive gamey flavour and were much darker in colour than their lighter and more delicately flavoured Pheasant and Pear counterpart, but we seriously enjoyed both.

Autumn sausage casseroles

One of us is also thinking along the lines of a hearty game sausage, vegetable and lentil casserole come the autumn!

Unfortunately we see that the Pheasant and Pear sausages are no longer featured on the Wild and Game website but we have spotted that along with the Grouse and Wild Boar sausages there is also a Pheasant and Venison sausage and a Pheasant and White Wine version too. They both sound seriously tasty and we look forward to including them in our next Wild and Game Order.

2019 Game Fair

Incidentally visitors to the 2019 Game Fair which takes place at Hatfield House, Hertfordshire 26 – 29 July should keep an eye open for the Wild and Game stand.