Binary Botanical

Binary Botanical has been styled as a wine-lovers’ beer – but for us with its unique taste it falls between them both.

Our congratulations to Danielle Bekker, head brewer and one of the co-founders of the Good Living Brew Company for this innovative new, sparkling, beverage.

Whilst we certainly picked-up botanicals our palettes aren’t good enough to identify notes of elderflower, peach, grapefruit, gooseberries, pomegranate, guava, rosemary and passion fruit.

Organic hop leaves and stems

But we did detect subtle ‘green’ almost ‘grassy’ notes – caused no doubt by the organic hop leaves and stems that have been infused for five days with a wine yeast; and there is a hint of bitterness presumably from the hop varieties that have been used along with barley malt.

Incidentally Binary refers to the long stem, or as it is more correctly called, the bine on which the hop leaves grow.

A master brewer who likes experimenting

Danielle Bekker, a master brewer for many years, came to brewing via a route which began with a degree in chemical engineering before a master’s degree in the science of brewing.  

She has a passion for sustainability hence the use of hop leaves – which are normally discarded as a waste product, and similarly the use of brown recyclable boxes and recyclable bottles. Another passion of hers is experimenting and trying new things and processes.

A lighter refreshing taste

Whilst Binary Botanicals is brewed like a regular beer, it doesn’t taste like one. Danielle wanted to see how much she could change the taste of beer and create a lighter taste that maybe more women would appreciate, one that would not only work well with food, but also be a good base for cocktails and could also be served as a refreshing drink.

It is, incidentally, gluten free and suitable for vegans.  It is also lower in alcohol, and calories than wine and is sugar free.

Great for hot summer days…

Binary Botanical came into our lives when the summer was over, which was sad. Because we can see this being our preferred go-to-drink on hot summer days and evenings, when we have staggered back into the house after a long walk, or an afternoon’s busy gardening session and in need of something cool and refreshing.

Incidentally the recommended serving method is ‘chilled in a stemmed glass’. We agree.

…or for alcohol free days

With one bottle coming in at 0.5% we can also see Binary Botanical being a very popular choice in Dry January or other such occasions when we decide to go alcohol free.

More Information

The Good Living Brew company, founded in 2018, has made its base on the edge of the beautiful South Downs National Park where it currently produces two brews one at 4% and the other 0.5% alcohol. It is available in 250ml and 660ml bottles (4% ABV | 95 calories per 250ml bottle and 0.5% ABV | 45 calories per 250ml bottle).

A three-pack case of Binary Botanical 250ml bottles costs £9.50 including free delivery from Binary Botanical is also available from several Sainsbury’s across the UK – for list see Bottles can be purchased individually – a great way to try it without committing to a full case. £1.70 for the non-alcoholic version and £1.80 for the 4% version.