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Book Review – Pieminister – a pie for all seasons

By Tristan Hogg and Jon Simon

Most people love pies and top of that list has to be Jon Simon and Tristan Hogg. Their book is a celebration of all things pie –seasonal fillings, suitable for a summer picnic, winter warmers, sweet and savoury, pastry, potato, breadcrumbed . Their aim to make the best pies they possibly can. The pies are on sale at farmers’ markets, food halls, delis, festivals and at their own Pieminster cafes.

The book starts with instructions on how to make all types of pastry and other tips – such as how to avoid a soggy bottom – before moving on to the serious recipes divided into the four seasons. Along the way are anecdotes about the likes of Sweeny Todd, cider making, street parties, hangover cures and even frisbies!

The guys have a jokey approach, with some pretty awful puns thrown in, but one thing is for sure, they are utterly serious about their pies and there are some delicious sounding recipes.

Pieminister – a pie for all seasons, Tristan Hogg and Jon Simon, published by Bantam Press. ISBN 9780593068052. £17.99.

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