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Book Review – Simply Good Bread

By Peter Sidwell

For many of us the smell of a freshly baked loaf is the best smell in the world. Good butter on a slice of crusty fresh bread, preferably just warm from the oven – heaven.

Peter Sidwell obviously thinks so too. But he has taken bread to the next level, for along with basic bread recipes are those for Chestnut flour bread, seed and nutty breads, goats cheese and roasted red pepper, naan breads, bagels, Irish soda farls, pretzels, forcaccia, gingerbread, banana bread and more. And what a sensible idea to include a ‘Waste not, want not’ section with suggestions for using up bread that has seen better days.

What we also like about this book, apart from the full-page illustrations, are the instructions on how to make the recipes both by hand or with a breadmaker.

Simply Good Bread, Peter Sidwell, published by Simon & Schuster. ISBN 978-0-85720-313-7. £14.99.

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