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Euphorium Bakery

We had been exploring the City of London prior to an afternoon visit to the Museum of London to see their exhibition – The Cheapside Hoard – London’s Lost Jewels of the 17th and 16th Centuries, (well worth going to by the way) and in need of quick lunch.

Walking down Threadneedle Street we came across a curious ‘winged’ statue. We stopped to look and realised that a paved alleyway led away from it. City workers were coming towards us holding what we guessed were sandwich bags so we headed down the alley and within a couple of minutes found ourselves at Euphorium. It looked, clean, smart, inviting and there was a glorious smell of roasting meat.

Euphorium inside

A number of people were sitting eating lunch at a long window bench table and in the middle of the large room, under the bowler hat lamp shades, stood a table piled up with bread, rolls and pastries. On one wall stood a chilled unit and a cash desk next to a stair case; opposite us a long unit groaning under salads, sandwiches, rolls and pastries. Next to that, almost obscured by the queue, we glimpsed the reason for that tantalising aroma of roast meat – a carvery.

The Euphorium staff are really friendly. We must have looked somewhat lost as a charming young woman bustled over to tell us to choose whatever we wanted and take it to the cash desk, before as she suggested, taking it upstairs to a mezzanine lounge and coffee bar. We took her advice and did indeed take our lunch upstairs and munched away sitting in comfortable chairs at one of the low coffee tables. It was also a good vantage place from which to people-watch. When not people watching I was admiring the stunning smart red coffee making machine, which it has to be said made the most wonderful coffee.

Euphorium outside

We did choose the carvery – roast beef for me, roast pork for my friend. The roasts were carved in front of us and the large brioche buns well-filled with generous slices of meat. I am ashamed to say we also succumbed to one apple tart and one lemon tart to accompany our coffee. Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry would have approved – no soggy bottom on my tart.

Editor’s Note:

Euphorium Bakery began in 1999 with a bakery in Upper Street, Islington. Since then it has gone from strength to strength and can be found at 16 London locations – including several shops within shops. To date Threadneedle Street is the only Bakery with an on-site carvery.

There are currently seven Euphorium bakeries where artisan bakers hand-make the award-winning breads, savouries and patisserie.

The coffee that our reviewer liked is provided by Kimbo one of Italy’s leading coffee roasters who has created special blends for Euphorium; and the smart red coffee making machine is a Sanremo Verona.;

Euphorium offers free wi-fi .Full information about Euphorium Bakeries, including their menus and opening hours at Euphorium Bakery, 60 Threadneedle St, EC2R 8HP

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