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Good4U – Salad and Sprout Toppers

All of the products are great sources of protein and fibre as well as being gluten-free and vegan friendly.

Way back when, probably in the late ‘80s, a jam jar used to sit on our kitchen windowsill. Inside it a spoonful of seeds which, I seem to recall, had to be rinsed through from time to time with water. After a few days the seeds germinated and sprouted and became a welcome addition to our salads.

I can’t recall why we stopped growing and nurturing the seeds but after a year or two the jam jar was discarded. However, in a somewhat different format, and definitely minus the jam jar, sprouting seeds have been welcomed back into my life.

Good4U, a company based in Sligo in Ireland, came across sprouting seeds in 2004 and realised that they were highly nutritious. Backed up by research from the University of Ulster, they set about producing Sprouted Salad Toppers commercially.  

Good4U have now expanded the range and along with the Sprouted Salad Toppers have introduced sealable pouches of crunchy Salad Toppers in three different flavours.   

All of the products are great sources of protein and fibre as well as being gluten-free and vegan friendly. Incidentally only ethically sourced, natural and plant-based ingredients are used, there are no additives or preservatives, and no added sugar. 

The Sprouted Salad Toppers offer a mildly spicey blend of broccoli, alfalfa, clover and radish sprouted seeds, as well as a highly nutritious lentil sprouted mix – a blend of lentils, peas and beans. I liked them both, but by a short head it was the ‘softer sprouts’ of the Super Sprouts which were my favourite. By the way, both the sprouted seed blends need to be kept refrigerated and have a comparatively short shelf-life.

More robust however, and my all-time favourites to which I am becoming addicted – the tasty and wonderfully crunchy pouches of Garlic & Chilli – spicey roasted seeds with beans with red pepper (123 calories per 25g serving), Garlic & Herb – roasted seeds with peas and edamame (125 calories per 25g) and Super Seeds – a mix of tamari roasted seeds and peas (144 calories per 25g).  These pouches can be resealed and have a reasonably good store cupboard shelf-life

Depending on which mood I am in they get sprinkled over an omelette, or indeed any dish that I feel needs a bit of crunch and texture – today it was a bowl of lunch time pea and mixed veg soup. And I have to confess they also make a healthy and interesting appearance alongside a pre-supper G&T, glass of wine or beer whilst I do the cooking!

RRP from £1.25 for a 125g pack.