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Let’s Eat France!

Let’s Eat France! by Francoise-Regis Gaudry (a French food critic, journalist, tv and radio food show host) and Friends, hit the French book shops in 2017, luckily for we Francophiles the English translation has now landed on our book shelves.

A potpourri of contents

It weighs a ton, well to be more accurate, just over three kilos, but with its potpourri of contents it is as light and delicious as a meringue or soufflé.

With every page crammed with information that you didn’t necessarily know you wanted to know about, it is highly entertaining, fascinating, useful and interesting.

Part of its charm for we readers with grasshopper minds is that its contents have no logical order to them – a page on Aromatic Plants sits opposite the History of Baguettes, Dining in Wine Cellars opposite Viennoiserie.

Luckily, however, there is wonderfully comprehensive index at the back of the book if you want to go straight to a particular subject.

A ‘must have’ book

There are biographical details of chefs and cooks past and present; over 375 recipes including iconic ones such as tarte tatin, coq au vin and boeuf bourguignon; maps galore; features including the likes of Gastronomy museums, French Sauces and Glassware; plus 1250 speciality foods and of course wine.

The original French version of the book was hailed as a gastronomic sensation. Let’s Eat France! is a ‘must have’ book for foodies and indeed everybody who loves France.

Let’s Eat France! Francois-Regis Gaudry and Friends: ISBN 978-1-579658. £36. Artisan Books.

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