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Lizi’s Super Muesli

‘Have you burnt something’ asked a young voice from next door’s garden. There was nothing for it, I had to confess, yes I had. I had been making granola, put it in the oven, came upstairs to the computer, and had completely forgotten about the oven until the smell not only reached me but next door too. To be fair it was summer and the back door was open, nevertheless – the granola was very burnt!

I no longer make granola!

It was at that point I gave up making granola – and the hunt round supermarket shelves ensued to find a granola I liked – nice amount of nuts, along with a hint of fruit, not too sweet, and easily digestible.  I found two or three that I liked, but my favourite turned out to be Lizi’s Granola.

A B&B breakfast favourite

The story goes that the granola was always a breakfast favourite at the B&B Lizi Shaw used to run. Later she and her husband moved to Wales taking up organic farming whilst also founding the Good Carb Company formed to promote their new kind of healthier option granolas.

I had particularly liked Lizi’s granola because it didn’t have peanuts, wasn’t too sweet, and whilst I don’t have a great problem with wheat, it didn’t contain wheat either.

And now Super Muesli

I have now discovered that alongside the granolas there are also mueslis – a Super Muesli in fact. Previously I had tried to steer clear of muesli – too indigestible for me.

But I am addicted to nuts, and I noticed that the Super Muesli called FOCUS contained hazelnuts, and pecans, along with toasted oats, hemp, maca powder and pomegranate seeds with an added energy boost of Vitamin B6 and zinc. It was definitely worth a try. I loved it, and have become almost addicted to it.

Fig, Apple and Almond

And I then spotted GLOW.  GLOW contains Fig, Apple & Almond: I love all three of them – and if, as it says on the packet, GLOW helps to fight tiredness and help my hair and nails I was prepared to try it.

I haven’t eaten enough yet to find out whether it has been beneficial but I do love the fruit with the bonus of extra yummy golden raisins, plus the almonds, linseeds, toasted oats and quinoa which gives it, for me, the bit of a crunch that I like. I was happy.

Arguably my favourite of the two was FOCUS, but it’s a close call.

There are two more to try

Much to my delight I discovered on the supermarket shelves the other week that there are two more in the Super Muesli range for me to try.

I have to try BOOST – Mango, Papaya & Turmeric: I love tropical fruit and maybe the turmeric with its anti-inflammatory properties might help my joint pains.

And there is also CLEANSE – Cranberry, Raspberry & Cherry: I am not particularly bothered what those berries will do for me- the combination sounds so delicious – I just have to try it.

Great ingredients

I am thrilled to report that the toasted oats/barley flakes and all the other interesting ingredients don’t upset my tummy in the slightest. And the sweetness level is quite to my taste as the sugar content is low and comes partly from treacle – rather than honey; great news for my vegan friends when they come visiting.

Lizi’s Super Muesli is available from Waitrose plus all major supermarkets and all good health food stores, RRP £4 for a 400g pack.

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