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Niederegger Marzipan

I stopped making a Christmas cake several years back – just too sweet, but I did miss the marzipan topping. Marzipan is my idea of heaven – I love the texture, and the almond flavour – heaven indeed. I have been known to make my own – it’s easy enough. But then Niederegger marzipan came into my life.

Niederegger has been making marzipan since 1806, the secret recipe handed down from one generation to the next.

I started off with their plain marzipan, but then I discovered that those clever people in the lovely German city of Lubeck also make the bars (loaves) covered in chocolate, and in my favourite – dark chocolate. What’s not to like – two of my favourite things in one bar!

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it. Niederegger, as I have now discovered, make lots of different flavours.

Strawberry cheese cake and coffee with orange

As a marzipan purist I originally fought against different flavours, but no longer. With trepidation I bit into my first strawberry cheesecake bar. I honestly couldn’t get ‘strawberry cheesecake’ but what I did get I loved. The bar vanished quickly. I was on more confident grounds with the marzipan with coffee-orange. The marzipan in this bar has a gentle coffee flavour studded with tiny pieces of orange zest. Gorgeous.

Niederegger obviously enjoy bringing out new flavours. It appears they bring out several new flavours every year.

For 2019 dark chocolate treats

I recently discovered one of the flavours created for 2019 – well two actually but they are in the same rather elegant black and white box. These dark chocolate marzipan treats with white and dark chocolate throughout are also dipped in dark chocolate.

I couldn’t detect any white chocolate, but that suits me – I’m not a white chocolate fan. I do hope they continue to make and sell these black and white bars for years to come. They could become my all-time favourites.

Please Santa

The family no longer ask what I would like for Christmas.

They have learnt that if they can persuade Santa to leave a bar or two, or maybe even a box or selection of Niederegger (the Mini Dessert Selection looks tempting) under the Christmas tree one family member will be very happy.


Niederegger marzipan: Black and White classics £4.50, Mini Dessert Selection £8.99 along with lots of other Niederegger treats from